CITIC Jinzhou Metal

It is China's first Chinese R&D and production base for specialty ferroalloys

CITIC Jinzhou Metal Co., Ltd. ("Jinzhou Metal") was founded in 1940 and selected as one of 156 key national projects aided by former Soviet Union during China's 1st Five-Year Plan from 1953 -1957. It is China's first Chinese R&D and production base for specialty ferroalloys and the backbone of China's metallurgical industry.

In 2006, Jinzhou Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. was acquired by CITIC United Asia Investments Limited to become CITIC Jinzhou Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. CITIC United Asia further increased its ownership to 82.82% from 71.1%. The company was renamed CITIC Jinzhou Metal Ltd. in 2011. It is now one of the major subsidiaries managed by CITIC Metal under entrustment by CITIC Group.

As a leading enterprise which develops, manufactures and sells non-ferrous metals, chemicals and ferroalloys, Jinzhou Metal offers 186 products in 72 categories and 10 series including manganese, chromium, vanadium, titanium and zirconium products. These products have been widely used in fields such as metallurgy, chemical engineering, petrochemicals, machinery, electronics, military equipment, aviation and aerospace industries. Backed by its proprietary technologies and processes for ferroalloys, rare metals and chemical products, Jinzhou Metal has participated in the establishment of national standards and authorized to prepare standard metallurgical samples of national level. The company has nationally accredited labs and Chinese academician workstations. Its core products include chromium metal, medium- and low-carbon ferromanganese, vanadium pentoxide, zirconium and titanium, with an annual combined production capacity amounting to 600,000 tonnes.

Jinzhou Metal delivers on its commitment to foster a selfmotivated corporate culture and take a strict and pragmatic approach to ensure consistent management. The company strives to build itself into a world-class center for ferroalloys which embraces advanced technologies in smelting, chemicals and high-end products.